EPISODE TWENTY SEVEN Unconventional Worldmaps, Unconventional Worldviews


Stay tuned for EPISODE TWENTY SEVEN.  “Unconventional Worldmaps, Unconventional Worldviews” will broadcast first from Radio Fabrik on January 28th at 7:06 PM Salzburg time (1:06 PM New York).  In this radio expedition we speak with Julia Mia Stirnemann about her World Map Generator, an online tool designed to help de-center the way we think about the conventional cartographic representations of the world.  After the initial broadcast look for the episode in the archives at http://www.geographicalimaginations.org/episodes/.


Pecha Kucha Night Salzburg Vol. 24

Check out the Pecha Kucha presentation (20 slides, 20 seconds per slide) on Geographical Imaginations this Thursday evening, February 26th at 20.20 hours at ARGEkultur in downtown Salzburg.  I will outline the show and propose to do more public geographies with interested groups in and around the City of Mozart.  More information on both Pecha Kucha and the host organization can be found here.