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In “La Arquitecta” we explore the resonance of spaces and (other) feminist perspectives on urban design with German-born architect Chris Heidrich.  The show returns to Cuba (see EPISODE 32) to raise questions about who designs the city.  Heidrich discusses her current project, Female Architects in the Urban Renewal of Old Havana, and reveals some of her own process in interpreting spaces.  EPISODE THIRTY SIX marks the end of Season 3 and the close, for now, of the Mitteleuropa explorations.  This episode will broadcast first from Radio Fabrik on October 28th at 7:06 PM Salzburg time (1:06 PM New York).  Photo by Mileyra Pavel.

PechaKucha Night Dar es Salaam Vol. 14

Karibu Tanzania!  Geographical Imaginations has arrived and is looking for ideas and collaborators for its 4th season of radio expeditions into the everything and nothing.  Watch our first presentation in Dar es Salaam here.  Contact us if you are interested!






EPISODE THIRTY FIVE Summer Reading Vol. 3


We finish our summer reading of C.C. Long’s “Home Geography” in EPISODE THIRTY FIVE.  Lessons 33 through 45 round out this primer for developing our own geographical imaginations.   Long reminds us, “All around are illustrations of lake and river, upland and lowland, slope and valley. These forms must be actually observed by the pupil, mental pictures obtained, in order that he may be enabled to build up in his mind other mental pictures of similar unseen forms.”   This episode will broadcast first from Radio Fabrik on September 23rd at 7:06 PM Salzburg time (1:06 PM New York).

Karibu Tanzania

Geographical Imaginations (G.I.) will make its first public presentation in Dar es Salaam at Pecha Kucha Nights Vol. 14 on September 14, 2017 at Triniti Bar.  Come listen to our ideas for transitioning the G.I. project from Salzburg, Austria to Tanzania.





























EPISODE THIRTY FOUR Summer Reading Vol. 2


In EPISODE THIRTY FOUR we pick up from where we left off in C.C. Long’s classic text, “Home Geography for Primary Grades.”  Starting with Lesson 18, “How Rivers Are Made,” and finishing with Lesson 32, “Useful Plants,” Long continues to impress upon us the need “to study that small part of the earth’s surface lying just at our doors.”  Read along and design your own local expeditions.  This episode will broadcast first from Radio Fabrik on August 26th at 7:06 PM Salzburg time (1:06 PM New York).

EPISODE THIRTY THREE Summer Reading Vol. 1



Welcome to our inaugural summer reading series.  Listen to EPISODE THIRTY THREE as we explore C.C. Long’s 1894 classic primary school text.  In “Home Geography,” Dr. Long tells us, “A knowledge of the home must be obtained by direct observation; of the rest of the world, through the imagination assisted by information. Ideas acquired by direct observation form a basis for imagining those things which are distant and unknown.”     This episode will broadcast first from Radio Fabrik on July 22nd at 7:06 PM Salzburg time (1:06 PM New York).

EPISODE THIRTY TWO Hasta La Habana Siempre


What comes to mind when someone says, “CUBA?”  Classic automobiles, Buena Vista, Che?  Maybe you envision a socialist utopia with free, universal healthcare and education?  Or a maybe a communist dystopia with all of its problems?  In EPISODE THIRTY TWO we invite geographer Johnny Finn to discuss US American geographical imaginations of this large Caribbean island and unpack the various narratives that inform how we arrive to Cuba in our minds.  This episode will broadcast first from Radio Fabrik on June 24th at 7:06 PM Salzburg time (1:06 PM New York). (Photo by Johnny Finn)

EPISODE THIRTY ONE The World as Village: 100 People

In EPISODE THIRTY ONE we use statistics to bring the world closer to home and to inform how we think about our place within the milieu. Forget about trying to understand 7.5 billion people. What if the world was a village of 100–each member of that community representing 1% of the world population? Joining us is Lisa Frank of the 100 People Foundation as we talk about statistics and the impact they have on the geographical imagination. This episode will broadcast first from Radio Fabrik on May 27th at 7:06 PM Salzburg time (1:06 PM New York).