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Check out EPISODE ONE first to get an idea about the show and concept and then listen to any and all of the other episodes.

In the show’s first episode we explored the meaning of the term Geographical Imagination with geographers Doreen Massey (Professor Emeritus of Geography at Open University), Veronica Della Dora (Professor of Geography at Royal Holloway) and Jessey Gilley (PhD, Geography, University of Kansas).  The host, Kevin S. Fox, also outlined the trajectory of the show’s future episodes.
Peepholes allow us to see what is on the other side.  In EPISODE TWO we tour the Salzburg Panorama and Cosmorama exhibition with art historians Renate Langenfelder and Deborah Gatewood to see the world “out there”.  In the second half photographer Patrick Schaudy explains pinhole photography to us and describes how his artistic practice allows us to see inside “timespaces”.
Ask your town or city a question.  German artist Birte Endrejat joins us to discuss her collaboration with the art collective “mark” here in Salzburg where they encouraged Salzburgers to ask the city a question.  Our dialogue moves then to explore Birte’s own artistic practices as they relate to the understanding and development of a spatial consciousness or geographical imagination.

Have you ever wanted to map your own city?  What would you include?  What stories would your map tell?  In EPISODE FOUR we join Eva Krallinger and Matthias Gruber on the streets of Salzburg and in Studio B at Radio Fabrik to discuss their alternative city guide mapping project, “Fraeulein Flora’s Favourite Hangouts” where they bring Salzburg’s Little Stories to life.  (Photo by Eva Krallinger)

How much have the broadcasts of the Winter Olympics and other world-class winter events informed how viewers from around the world imagine the Alps?  In EPISODE FIVE we take a closer look at the geographies of world-class bobsled and skeleton and speak with geographer Dr. Christopher Gaffney about the politics of Host City selection for the Winter Olympics.  (Photo by Sonia Ibáñez)
Join us and walk in both Maria von Trapp’s and Julie Andrew’s footsteps as we tour Salzburg as seen in the 1965 film classic The Sound of Music.  Veteran tour guide Peter Baron von Werteim of Bob’s Special Tours discusses the deep inner experience of many of the tour guests.  Helping us to bring the geography to this iconic film, cultural geographer Joseph Palis makes links between our tour and current research in film tourism.
In EPISODE SEVEN we look at how three communities deal differently with their shadowed pasts and “unwanted heritage.”  We visit post-USSR Budapest and their communist era monuments at Memento Park, Adolf Hitler’s birthplace in Braunau, Upper Austria, and the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and this campus’ commemoration and memorialization of the Ku Klux Klan.

In EPISODE EIGHT we sit back and listen to the Far and Away travel stories from two long distance expeditions.  Christoph Rehage shares lessons learned from the road while walking from Beijing back to his home in Germany.  Philipp Schaudy describes the changes in both the human and natural landscapes during a 5 1/2 year cycling journey around the globe with his wife, Valeska.

We discuss rhythm and cities with Soundpainting creator and composer Walter Thompson in this first installment of our Portraits of Rhythmanalysts inspired by Henri Lefebvre’s collection of essays entitled, “Rhythmanalysis: Space, Time and Everyday Life.”  Thompson discusses connections between the everyday and his artistic practice. (Photo by Robert M. Fox, Jr.)

The Almkanal is an extensive canal system that runs through the City of Salzburg.  In EPISODE TEN we speak with the Almmeister Wolfgang Peter and the Alm Gatekeeper Kurt Klappacher to learn more about the social, political and economic geographies of this nearly 1000 year old institution.  And we take a swim because it has been a very hot summer.  (Photo by Sonia Ibáñez)

The Untersberg Mountain dominates the landscape visible to the south of the City of Salzburg and captures the popular geographical imagination through the legends and myths surrounding it.  Come walk up and around this sacred mountain and explore its cultural geographies with Dr. Veronica della Dora, Rainer Limpöck, Matthias Gruber and Eva Krallinger.

Celebrating a year of radio-making from inside the incubator of Studio B at Radio Fabrik, in EPISODE TWELVE we discuss with Program Coordinator Eva Schmidhuber the historical geography of this collectively-owned community radio station in Salzburg.  We review the first season of episodes and plan ahead as Geographical Imaginations grows wings (Photo by Sonia Ibáñez).